File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
cb_cinterface.h [code]Header declaring Interface to ConicBundle for language C
CBSolver.hxx [code]Header declaring the classes ConicBundle::CBSolver, ConicBundle::FunctionOracle and ConicBundle::PrimalData
clock.hxx [code]Header declaring and (inline) implementing the classes CH_Tools::Microseconds and CH_Tools::Clock as well as some output routines for timing purposes
gb_rand.hxx [code]Header declaring and (inline) implementing the random number generator CH_Tools::GB_rand
heapsort.hxx [code]Header declaring template functions for sorting an array of index-objects indexing an array of value-objects comparable by "<"
indexmat.hxx [code]Header declaring the classes CH_Matrix_Classes::Range and CH_Matrix_Classes::Indexmatrix for supporting integral matrices, typically needed for indexing purposes
lanczos.hxx [code]Header declaring the abstract classes CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczosmatrix and CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczos
lanczpol.hxx [code]Header declaring the abstract classes CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczosmatrix and CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczos
MatBSolver.hxx [code]Header declaring the class ConicBundle::MatrixBSolver
MatCBSolver.hxx [code]Header declaring the classes ConicBundle::MatrixCBSolver, ConicBundle::MatrixFunctionOracle and ConicBundle::PrimalMatrix
MatFCBSolver.hxx [code]Header declaring the class ConicBundle::MatrixFCBSolver
MatNBSolver.hxx [code]Header declaring the classes ConicBundle::MatrixNBSolver
matop.hxx [code]Basic types, constants and templates for simple linear algebra routines like BLAS level 1
matrix.hxx [code]Header declaring the classes CH_Matrix_Classes::Realrange and CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix having Real elements
memarray.hxx [code]Header for simple memory management tools that support frequent allocation and deallocation of arrays of the same sizes
mymath.hxx [code]Header defining simple functions like max, min, abs
sparsmat.hxx [code]Header declaring the class CH_Matrix_Classes::Sparsemat for sparse matrices with Real elements
sparssym.hxx [code]Header declaring the class CH_Matrix_Classes::Sparsesym for sparse symmetric matrices with Real elements
symmat.hxx [code]Header declaring the class CH_Matrix_Classes::Symmatrix for symmetric matrices with Real elements

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