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ConicBundle::PSCAffineFunction Class Reference

general purpose implementation of PSCOracle as explained in implemention of a PSCOracle (PSCAffineFunction) More...

#include <PSCAffineFunction.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ConicBundle::PSCAffineFunction:
ConicBundle::PSCOracle ConicBundle::CBout ConicBundle::ModifiableOracleObject ConicBundle::FunctionObject

Public Member Functions

Initialization and setting parameters
 PSCAffineFunction (const CBout *cb=0, int incr=-1)
 PSCAffineFunction (const SparseCoeffmatMatrix &C, const SparseCoeffmatMatrix &opAt, PSCPrimal *generating_primal=0, const CBout *cb=0, int incr=-1)
 initialize the PSCAffineFunction with its matrices and possible a generating_primal More...
 ~PSCAffineFunction ()
void set_check_correctness (bool chk)
 set the maximum number of Ritz vectors returned in evaluate(), see implemention of a PSCOracle (PSCAffineFunction) More...
void set_max_Ritzvecs (CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer maxv)
 set the maximum number of new Ritzvectors returned by evaluate(); values<1 default to 5
Implementations of PSCOracle routines
Minorantgenerate_minorant (const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &P)
 see PSCOracle::generate_minorant()
int svec_projection (CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &svec_offset, CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &svec_coeffs, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &P, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Indexmatrix *index_subset=0)
 see PSCOracle::svec_projection()
int evaluate (const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &current_point, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &bundlevecs, const double relprec, const double Ritz_bound, CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &Ritz_vectors, CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &Ritz_values, PSCPrimalExtender *&primal_extender)
 see PSCOracle::evaluate()
int evaluate_projection (const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &current_point, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &P, const double relprec, CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &projected_Ritz_vectors, CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &projected_Ritz_values)
 see PSCOracle::evaluate_projection()
int left_right_product (int i, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &E, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &F, CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &G)
 see PSCOracle::left_right_product()
virtual int apply_modification (const OracleModification &oracle_modification, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix *new_center, const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix *old_center, bool &discard_objective_in_center, bool &discard_model, bool &discard_aggregates, MinorantExtender *&minorant_extender)
 see PSCOracle::apply_modification() for the general use, here oracle_modification has a special role if it can be cast to an PSCAffineModification More...
virtual bool check_correctness () const
 see PSCOracle::check_correctness()
routines for querying data of the problem
const SparseCoeffmatMatrixget_opAt ()
const SparseCoeffmatMatrixget_C ()
const PSCPrimalget_generating_primal (void)
 returns the current setting concerning the generation of an PSCPrimal (0 for none)
routines for supporting input and output
void set_out (std::ostream *o=0, int pril=1)
 see ConicBundle::CBout
void set_cbout (const CBout *cb, int incr=-1)
 see ConicBundle::CBout
std::ostream & print_problem_data (std::ostream &out) const
 write the problem description to out so that it can be read again by read_problem_data()
std::istream & read_problem_data (std::istream &in)
 clear() and read the problem from in in the format written by print_problem_data()
std::ostream & print_problem_data_to_mfile (std::ostream &out, CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer blocknr) const
 undocumented highly volatile variant for external testing
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConicBundle::ModifiableOracleObject
virtual ~ModifiableOracleObject ()
 virtual destructor
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConicBundle::CBout
void clear_cbout ()
 reset to default settings (out=0,print_level=1)
 CBout (const CBout *cb=0, int incr=-1)
 calls set_cbout
 CBout (std::ostream *outp, int pl=1)
 initialize correspondingly
 CBout (const CBout &cb, int incr=0)
 copy constructor
virtual bool cb_out (int pl=-1) const
 Returns true if out!=0 and (pl<print_level), pl<0 should be used for WARNINGS and ERRORS only, pl==0 for usual output.
std::ostream & get_out () const
 If cb_out() returned true, this returns the output stream, but it will abort if called with out==0.
std::ostream * get_out_ptr () const
 returns the pointer to the output stream
int get_print_level () const
 returns the print_level
virtual int mfile_data (std::ostream &out) const
 writes problem data to the given outstream

Private Member Functions

int form_bigmatrix (const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &current_point)
 compute the Bigmatrix representation for the given point
int apply_modification (const PSCAffineModification &amfmod)
 applies the PSCAffineModfication amfmod to the current function
void clear ()
 resets all to the initial empty state

Private Attributes

SparseCoeffmatMatrix C
 block diagonal representation of $C$ as in implemention of a PSCOracle (PSCAffineFunction)
SparseCoeffmatMatrix opAt
 holds the coefficient matrices for the variables
 This PSCPrimal can be set from outside and serves for generating further primals by cloning.
std::vector< AMFMaxEigSolver * > maxeigsolver
 the eigenvalue solver of each block
CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix last_bigmat_y
 the last y used in costructing the matrix of the affine matrix function
CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer maxvecs
 the maximum number of Ritz vectors to be retrurned
bool check_correctness_flag
 if true, ConicBundle employs some additional consistency checks

Detailed Description

general purpose implementation of PSCOracle as explained in implemention of a PSCOracle (PSCAffineFunction)

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