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ConicBundle::Bigmatrix Class Reference

AffineMatrixFunction needs to compute the maximum eigenvalue of an affine matrix function $F(y)=C+\sum y_iA_i$. This class prepares $F(y)$ in useful form for iterative eigenvalue solvers. More...

#include <Bigmatrix.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ConicBundle::Bigmatrix:
CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczosmatrix CH_Matrix_Classes::Memarrayuser

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
 clear all data
CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer get_nmult () const
 return number of matrix vector products
void reset_nmult ()
 reset the counter of matrix vector products to zero
int init (const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &yi, CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer indim, const CoeffmatPointer C, const SparseCoeffmatVector *Ai, const bool dense=false)
 compute a good representation of $F(y)=C+\sum y_iA_i$ (if dense==true directly a dense one)
void set_tol (CH_Matrix_Classes::Real t)
 sets the tolerance for considering computed values as zeros
int get_dense () const
 return true if a dense representation was computed
virtual CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer lanczosdim () const
 the order of the matrix as required by CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczosmatrix
virtual CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer lanczosflops () const
 the estimated flop count of a matrix vector multiplication as required by CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczosmatrix
virtual int lanczosmult (const CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &A, CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix &B) const
 computes B = bigMatrix * A (A and B must not refer to the same memory) as required by CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczosmatrix
int make_symmatrix (CH_Matrix_Classes::Symmatrix &S) const
 write a dense version of the current matrix to S
const CH_Matrix_Classes::Symmatrixget_symrep () const
 compute the dense version locally and return a reference to it

Private Types

typedef std::map< CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer, CH_Matrix_Classes::RealIndexhash
 for collecting the indices of sparse data this seems useful

Private Attributes

CH_Matrix_Classes::Real tol
 tolerance for considering an element to be zero
CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer dim
 size of the matrix
CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer nz
 total number of nonzeros (except diagonal)
CH_Matrix_Classes::Indexmatrix colnz
 nonzeros of each column
std::vector< CH_Matrix_Classes::Indexmatrixrowind
 nonzero row indices in each column
std::vector< CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrixrowval
 corresponding nonzero row values
CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix di
 diagonal elements
std::vector< Indexhashrowhash
 for finding nonzero indices
std::vector< CoeffmatPointermcp
 pointers to dense matrices
CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix mcv
 multiplier values for the dense matrices
CH_Matrix_Classes::Integer nmult
 counts the number of Mat*vec operations
bool use_dense
 usually false, set to true if matrix is sufficiently dense
CH_Matrix_Classes::Symmatrix symrep
 if use_dense is true, the matrix is stored here
bool symrep_init
 flag whether symrep is computed already
CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix At
 auxilliary variable used in matrix vector products
CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix Bt
 auxilliary variable used in matrix vector products
CH_Matrix_Classes::Indexmatrix collecti
 for collecting the sparse part
CH_Matrix_Classes::Indexmatrix collectj
 for collecting the sparse part
CH_Matrix_Classes::Matrix collectval
 for collecting the sparse part


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Bigmatrix &)
 output information

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CH_Matrix_Classes::Memarrayuser
 Memarrayuser ()
 if memarray is NULL, then a new Memarray is generated. In any case the number of users of the Memarray is incremented
virtual ~Memarrayuser ()
 the number of users is decremented and the Memarray memory manager is destructed, if the number is zero.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CH_Matrix_Classes::Memarrayuser
static Memarraymemarray
 pointer to common memory manager for all Memarrayusers, instantiated in memarray.cxx

Detailed Description

AffineMatrixFunction needs to compute the maximum eigenvalue of an affine matrix function $F(y)=C+\sum y_iA_i$. This class prepares $F(y)$ in useful form for iterative eigenvalue solvers.

In AffineMatrixFunction the matrices $C$ and $A_i$ are of type Coeffmat, the information provided by these matrices is used to decide which parts should be represented in a sparse form and which parts in a dense form. The intention is that in the end matrix vector products can be computed efficiently, so that e.g. a Lanczcos algorithm can be used. For this purpose Bigmatrix is a publically derived CH_Matrix_Classes::Lanczosmatrix.

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