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ConicBundle::PSCAffineMinorantExtender Class Reference

Implementation of MinorantExtender for PSCAffineFunction. More...

#include <PSCAffineFunction.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ConicBundle::PSCAffineMinorantExtender:
ConicBundle::CBout ConicBundle::MinorantExtender

Public Member Functions

 PSCAffineMinorantExtender (PSCAffineFunction *amf)
 the PSCAffineFunction pointed to has to be valid for the livetime of this object
int extend (Minorant &minorant, int n_coords, const int *indices)
 called by ConicBundle to update internal Minorant objects, has to return 0 on success More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConicBundle::CBout
virtual void set_out (std::ostream *out=0, int print_level=1)
 Specifies the output level (out==NULL: no output at all, out!=NULL and level=0: errors and warnings, level>0 increasingly detailed information) More...
virtual void set_cbout (const CBout *cb, int incr=-1)
 Specifies the output level relative to the given CBout class. More...
void clear_cbout ()
 reset to default settings (out=0,print_level=1)
 CBout (const CBout *cb=0, int incr=-1)
 calls set_cbout
 CBout (std::ostream *outp, int pl=1)
 initialize correspondingly
 CBout (const CBout &cb, int incr=0)
 copy constructor
virtual bool cb_out (int pl=-1) const
 Returns true if out!=0 and (pl<print_level), pl<0 should be used for WARNINGS and ERRORS only, pl==0 for usual output.
std::ostream & get_out () const
 If cb_out() returned true, this returns the output stream, but it will abort if called with out==0.
std::ostream * get_out_ptr () const
 returns the pointer to the output stream
int get_print_level () const
 returns the print_level
virtual int mfile_data (std::ostream &out) const
 writes problem data to the given outstream

Private Attributes

 the oracle this MinorantExtender was generated by, needed for retrieving problem data

Detailed Description

Implementation of MinorantExtender for PSCAffineFunction.

This object will be returned as an object on the heap by PSCAffineFunction::apply_modification and will be deleted by ConicBundle after use. Its purpose is to fill up further coordinates of the minorant on basis of the primal information stored in the minorants (if this is possible).

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