Mirror symmetry and tropical geometry

Reading group at TU Chemnitz and MPI MIS Leipzig, Summer term 2023

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In this reading group, organized by Henry Dakin (henry.dakinmath.tu-chemnitz.de) and Emeryck Marie (emeryck.mariemath.tu-chemnitz.de) with local assistance by Christian Sevenheck, Max Wiesmann and Peter Spacek, we will work through the book ‘‘Tropical Geometry and Mirror Symmetry’’ by Mark Gross. We will focus on understanding the first three chapters of the book in detail and look through chapters 4 and 5 afterwards.
Confirmed participants

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If there are any problems, please email Peter Spacek (peter.spacekmath.tu-chemnitz.de) to be added.

We will meet once every two weeks on Wednesdays at 10 o'clock, alternatingly at the TU Chemnitz (on 03.05 in room C10.U04; on 31.05 and 28.06. in room C10.111; directions at the bottom of the page) and at the MPI MIS Leipzig (on 17.06. in room G3-10; on 14.06. in room E2-10).
Each talk should be around 1 hour long.
For those unable to join in person, we will broadcast the seminar via Zoom here.
Recordings are available here.

For an overview of the talks and their summaries look here.
The confirmed meeting dates are:

  • 03.05. at TUC in room C10.U04 starting at 11 o'clock, talks on toric and tropical geometry:
    • [11:00] A crash-course in toric geometry by Henry Dakin Notes
    • [14:00] Tropical hypersurfaces by Emeryck Marie Notes
    • [15:45] Parametrized tropical curves by Peter Spacek Notes
  • 17.05. at MPI in room G3-10, talks on the A-model:
    • [10:00] Stable pointed curves and stable maps by Max Wiesmann Notes
    • [11:30] Quantum cohomology and quantum differential equation by Luca Giovenzana Notes
    • [14:00] Semi-infinite variations of Hodge structures and moving subspace realisation by Christian Sevenheck Notes
    • [15:30] Frobenius manifolds and semi-infinite variations of Hodge structures by Christian Sevenheck Notes
  • 31.05. at TUC in room C10.111, talks on the B-model:
    • [10:00] The twisted de Rham complex and homology by Yichen Qin Notes unavailable
    • [11:30] The B-model semi-infinite variation of Hodge structure by Avi Steiner Notes unavailable
    • [14:00] The B-model Frobenius manifold, collaborative discussion session Notes
    • [15:30] Mirror symmetry for Pn by Henry Dakin Notes
  • 14.06. at MPI in room E2-10, talks on connections between the A-model and the tropical side:
  • 28.06. at TUC in room C10.111, talks on connections between the B-model and the tropical side:
    • [10:00] Wandering: classical to log to classical and Mikhalkin’s final act by Emeryck Marie Notes
    • [11:30] The perturbed Landau-Ginzburg potential by Christian Sevenheck Notes
    • [14:00] Tropical descendant invariants and the main B-model statement by Emeryck Marie Notes
    • [15:30] An overview of the proof of the main B-model statement by Christian Sevenheck Notes

Directions to the lecture room at TU Chemnitz: Arriving at Chemnitz Hauptbahnhof (e.g. taking RE6 from Leipzig Hauptbahnhof), take either Tram 3 (to Technopark) or C13 (to Aue), C14 (to Thalheim) or C15 (to Technopark); Get off at the stop ‘‘TU Campus’’ and head to the bright orange building. The room C10.U04 is on the basement floor; take the stairs down in the far right corner opposite the entrance. The room C10.111 is on the first floor (above ground level) in the back right corner from the entrance; the stairs up are opposite the entrance.