Christian Sevenheck

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Publications and Preprints

  • Tautological systems and free divisors, with Luis Narváez Macarro, "Advances in Mathematics", volume 352, p. 372-405, 2019
  • Examples of hypergeometric twistor D-modules, with Alberto Castaño Domínguez and Thomas Reichelt, 21 pages, arxiv:1803.04886, to appear in "Algebra and Number Theory", 2018
  • Irregular Hodge filtration of some confluent hypergeometric systems, with Alberto Castaño Domínguez, "Journal de l'Institut mathématique de Jussieu", arxiv:1707.03259
  • On the b-functions of hypergeometric systems, with Thomas Reichelt and Uli Walther, "International Mathematical Research Notices", volume 2018, issue 21 pages, p. 6535–6555
  • Hypergeometric Hodge modules, with Thomas Reichelt, 77 pages, arxiv:1503.01004, to appear in "Algebraic Geometry", 2015
  • Non-affine Landau-Ginzburg models and intersection cohomology, with Thomas Reichelt, "Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure", volume 50, number 3, p. 665-753, 2017
  • Mirror symmetry, singularity theory and non-commutative Hodge structures, "Jahresbericht der DMV", volume 114, number 3, p. 131-162, 2012
  • Duality of Gauß-Manin systems associated to linear free divisors, "Mathematische Zeitschrift", volume 274, issue 1, p. 249-261, 2013
  • Logarithmic Frobenius manifolds, hypergeometric systems and quantum D-modules, with Thomas Reichelt, "Journal of Algebraic Geometry", volume 24, issue 2, 201-281, 2015
  • Summary of scientific work: Frobenius manifolds and variation of twistor structures in singularity theory, 22 pages, 2009
  • Bernstein polynomials and spectral numbers for linear free divisors, "Annales de l'Institut Fourier", volume 61, issue 1, p. 379-400, 2011
  • Twistor structures, tt*-geometry and singularity theory, with Claus Hertling, in "From Hodge theory to Integrability and tQFT: tt*-geometry", p. 49-73, 2008, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, American Mathematical Society
  • Limits of families of Brieskorn lattices and compactified classifying spaces, with Claus Hertling, "Advances in Mathematics", volume 223, p. 1155-1224, 2010
  • Linear free divisors and Frobenius manifolds, with Ignacio de Gregorio and David Mond, "Compositio Mathematica", volume 145, issue 5, p. 1305-1350, 2009
  • Curvature of classifying spaces for Brieskorn lattices, with Claus Hertling, "Journal of Geometry and Physics", volume 58, issue 11, p. 1591-1606, 2008
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  • Deformation of singular lagrangian subvarieties, with Duco van Straten, "Mathematische Annalen", Volume 327, number 1, p. 79-102, 2003
  • Ph.D. thesis: Lagrangian singularities, Cuvillier-Verlag Göttingen, 2003
  • Reports, Lecture Notes and non-refereed papers


    Technische Universität Chemnitz
    Fakultät für Mathematik
    09107 Chemnitz