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Nonequispaced fast Fourier transform
Time and frequency nonequispaced

NNFFT - Fourier transform with non equispaced data in time and frequency domain

This library of C functions computes approximations of sums of the form

$\displaystyle d_j := \sum\limits_{l=1}^{L-1} \alpha_l\, \rm {e}^{2\pi i (k_l\odot N)x_j}
\quad (j =1,\ldots,M)

with $ k_l, x_j \in [-1/2,1/2)^d$ and $ \alpha_l \in \mathbb{C}$.

The algorithms are implemented by Tobias Knopp in ./examples/nnfft Related paper are

o Keiner, J., Kunis, S., and Potts, D.
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ACM Trans. Math. Software, accepted, (full paper ps, pdf)   2009

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