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Nonequispaced fast Fourier transform
NFFT on the sphere

NFSFT - NFFT on the sphere

This library of C functions computes evaluates a function $f \in \mathrm{L}^2(\mathbb{S}^2)$ with finite orthogonal expansion \begin{equation*}
f(\vartheta,\varphi) =
\sum_{k=0}^M \sum_{n=-k}^k a_k^n
Y_{k}^n(\vartheta,\varphi) %=
\quad (M \in \mathbb{N}_0)
\end{equation*} in terms of spherical harmonics $Y_k^n$ on a set of arbitary nodes $\left(\vartheta_d,\varphi_d\right)$, $d=1,\ldots,D$, $D \in \mathbb{N}$, in spherical coordinates. Furthermore, the fast evaluation of sums \begin{equation*}
\tilde{a}_{k}^n := \sum_{d=1}^{D} f\left(\vartheta_d,\varphi_d\right)
\end{equation*} for given function values $f\left(\vartheta_d,\varphi_d\right) \in \mathbb{C}$ and all indices $k=0,\ldots,M$, $n = -k,\ldots,k$ is possible. The algorithm is also kwnon as fast spherical harmonic transform for nonequispaced data.

The algorithms are implemented by Jens Keiner in ./kernel/nfsft. Related paper are

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