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Dr. Ralf Hielscher
MTEX Workshop 2019

Chemnitz MTEX Workshop 2019


The aim of this workshops is to provide an easy start for MTEX beginners and to bring together MTEX users to share their ideas and to inform about recent developments in MTEX. The workshop will be divided into four parts:

A simple introduction to MTEX

The first two days of the workshop are devoted to a comprehensive introduction into MTEX by Ralf Hielscher that covers
  • crystal geometry
  • analysis of EBSD data, grains, boundaries
  • misorientation analysis, twinning
  • pole figures, inverse pole figures, orientation distribution function
and includes guided exercieses in our computer lab.

Recent developments in MTEX

In the second part the MTEX team will report about recent features that have been added to MTEX. Up to now those include
  • texture evolution during plastic deformation
  • geometrically necessary dislocations
  • birefrigence

Introductory talks given by the invited speakers

The following experts will provide tutorials and exercises to their specific use of MTEX.
Ben Britton
(Imperial College London, UK)

Are you in the right frame? An analysis of crystal lattice misorientations from in-situ EBSD measurements.

Rüdiger Kilian
(Universität Basel, Switzerland)

Textures in ultramylonites - weak or random?

David Mainprice
(Universite Montpellier, France)

Physical properties in MTEX, current status and future developments

Talks by the participants about specific problems that have been or could be handled with MTEX

The participants are encouraged to present recent or potential applications of MTEX to their field of research. Talks will be 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number of speakers.

Location and Time:


Registration closed. Maximum number of participants reached.
  • Deadline for registration is 31th of January 2019, Number of participants is restricted to 25
  • Registration fee: 300 Euro including lunch for the entire week


Schedule (preliminary)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45 - 10:00 R. Hielscher
basic concepts
R. Hielscher
plastic deformations
Talks 1-3
Talks 4-6 Talks 7-9
10:30 - 11:45 R. Kilian
B. Britton
lattice misorientations
F. Bachmann
3D Grain Mapping
D. Mainprice
tensorial properties
Talks 10-12
13:30 - 15:00 Exercises
plastic properties
Trip Exercises
grain boundaries
15:30 - 16:30 Exercises
texture evolution
Trip Round Table


Name Affiliation Talk
Christian Haug KIT, Karlsruhe Microstructure Evolution at Copper Grain Boundaries under Tribological Loading
Theresa Hanemann KIT, Karlsruhe Analyzing the microstructure of a deformed bcc High Entropy Alloy using EBSD
Ali Riza Durmaz FIWM Freiburg A data driven approach to describe fatigue damage evolution and crack initiation in a BCC steel microstructure
Bjørn Eske Sørensen NTNU Trondheim, Norwegen MTEX for teaching Crystallography and optical Crystallography
Sören Tholen Frankfurt Phase mixing processes in upper mantle shear zones
Erik Wüsche TU Chemnitz Denoising of EBSD data
Thomas Kohne KTH Stockholm Martensite variants analysis in medium carbon steel
Shao-Pu Tsai MPI Düsseldorf 3D EBSD investigation of corrosion behaviors in 316L stainless steel
Siamak Shoja Göteburg Textured CVD alpha-alumina coatings
Alexander Wessel FIWM Freiburg Use of MTEX in microstructural modelling
Barbara Pedretscher KAI Villach, Östereich
Brian Shirley GZN Erlangen
Luca Palmeira Belotti TU Eindhoven
Irmgard Weißensteiner Leoben
Fatim-Zahra Mouhib RWTH Aachen
Franz Müller TU Freiberg
Ryan McDermott Strathclyde, Scottland
Adam Stahlkrantz KTH Stockholm
Laura Scott Liverpool
Torsten Henseler TU Freiberg
Madlen Uhlmann TU Freiberg
Peter Fischer TU Freiberg
Luca Pellegrino University of Milano