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Dr. Ralf Hielscher
MTEX Workshop 2015

Chemnitz MTEX Workshop 2015

Chemnitz MTEX Workshop 2016 has been announced


The aim of this workshops is to bring together MTEX users to share their ideas and to inform about recent developments in MTEX. The workshop will be divided into three parts:
Getting started with MTEX 4.0
As the changes in MTEX 4.0 are quite fundamental we decided not to have two separated classes “Getting started with MTEX” and “New developments in MTEX” but to combine both in one single slot held by Ralf Hielscher. The combined class will cover all basic functionality of MTEX with special emphasis on the changes made in MTEX 4.0.
Introductory talks given by the invited speakers
David Mainprice
(Universite Montpellier, France)

Physical properties in MTEX, current status and future developments

Karsten Kunze
(ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

From experimental data to anisotropic properties - some step-by-step examples

Gert Nolze
(Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany)

Symmetry: theoretical concept versus practical meaning

Location and Time:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45 - 10:00 Crystal Geometry ODFs Grains, Boundaries Tensors 3d EBSD
10:30 - 11:45 G. Nolze K. Kunze Talks 4 - 6 D. Mainprice Talks 10-12
13:30 - 15:00 EBSD Exercises Trip Exercises Consoulting
15:30 - 16:30 Exercises Talks 1-3 Trip Talks 7-9

Session talks (preliminary)

  Name Title
1 Perek-Nowak Malgorzata Texture analysis of magnesium alloys deformed by ECAE
2 Benjamin Zillmann In-situ measurements of loading stresses with X-ray diffraction on automotive sheet metals
3 Eric Schmidl Calculation of Geometrically Necessary Dislocation density based on 2-D EBSD measurements
4 David Mercier STABiX: A Matlab toolbox for slip transmission analysis
5 Petr Jerabek Microstructure analyses with polyLX toolbox using MTEX grains
6 Bjørn Sørensen Detailed study of microstructures across parting planes in quartz - relations between low-angle misorientations, twinning and parting
7 Luiz Morales
8 Vladimir Kusbach Modeling of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility: example from serpentinized peridotite
9 Amicia Lee Are seismic wave velocities and anisotropies reliable proxies for partial melt?
10 Tom Jäpel 3D-EBSD, Ga-FIB dualbeam
11 Jiri Dluhos Large Volume 3D EBSD using Xe Plasma FIB-SEM



All the pictures were taken by Karla Rost.