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Nonequispaced fast Fourier transform

Special contributions

For Python

The pynfft is a Python wrapper for the NFFT library by Ghislain Vaillant.

A Python implementation of the NFFT was written by Jake Vanderplas see.

For Mathematica

A Mathematica implementation for performing the NFFT as well as a Mathematica notebook demonstrating the use of the package written by Sseziwa Mukasa (mukasa(AT)jeol.com) can be downloaded.

For Julia

A Julia package for the NFFT3 written by Michael Schmischke see.


See the CUNFFT - Nonequispaced FFT and it's inversion in CUDA on the homepage of Stefan Kunis.


Methods, similar to the NFFT, are known as

  • unequally-spaced fast Fourier transform (USFFT by G. Beylkin).
  • generalized fast Fourier transform (GFFT by A. Dutt and V. Rokhlin),
  • nonuniform fast Fourier transform (NUFFT by J.A. Fessler and B.P. Sutton),
  • nonequispaced fast Fourier transform NFFT by K. Fourmount),
  • irregularly spaced data analysis (ISDA by J. Pelt)