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Dr. Ralf Hielscher
Ralf Hielscher

Mathematics for Engineering Science


This course provides the basic mathematics required for master students in the engineering science at the TU Chemnitz. Most of the topics may be known from a bachalor course.
  • arithmetics
  • linear algebra 1: vectors, lines, planes
  • linear algebra 2: matrices, determinants, eigen values and vectors
  • differential calculus
  • integral calculus


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Login to Opal

All the course material, the exercises as well as the examination will take place online at OPAL. Please click this link or go directly to
and login using your URZ account.
Before accessing the online course the first time you need to register here by clicking the button Enrol at the line of your master course.

Exercises and Examinations

The course is subdivided into 5 Chapters and each chapter consists of exercises and one examination. The exercises include exhaustive feedback about the students solution, provide exemplary solutions and can be repeated as often as you want. Note that the exercises will change slightly with each run. While the exercises are optional can be done at home at any time, the examinations will run only at the university always on Friday, 11:30-13:00. In order to successfully complete the course it is mandatory to pass all five examinations. The number of attempts for each examination is restricted to two.