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[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
[DIR]Hilfeknopf/2016-05-03 16:33 - context sensitive help button for resizeable windows, which Microsoft “forgot” to implementDeveloperDirectoryWin32
[DIR]kcemu/2018-03-15 16:52 - GDRs “KC” (Kleincomputer = home computer) emulator and some software, including a cassette tape loader for soundcardUserDirectoryWin16
[DIR]sch2wmf/2018-03-21 17:43 - Eagle ULP for generating Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM), Windows MetaFile (WMF) or Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF) out of schematic or board layout, generates smallest-possible-size vector graphics files perfectly suited for office applicationsUserExplanation
Browse →CGM
Browse →WMF
Browse →EMF
Eagle ULP
[DIR]terminal/2017-08-02 00:54 - Terminal codes explained — How to program a microcontroller without the need for a Windows / Linux program, simply use (Hyper)TerminalDeveloperDirectoryn.a.
[DIR]UNI-T/2016-06-02 13:00 - Replacement software for all Uni-Trend hand-held and desktop multimeters, with automation support via DDE for LabVIEW, Excel, etc.UserDirectoryWin32+x64
[   ]AD9834.zip2014-05-07 23:54 179KDDS (Direct Digital [Frequency] Synthesis) generator on parallel, serial, or USB port — an easy-to-use replacement software that makes a function generator for sine and triangle shape up to 37 MHz.UserBrowse
[   ]ADS121x.zip2013-11-13 15:17 40KFour-channel A/D converter chip on parallel port, with DDE serverUserBrowse
[   ]ais_.exe2000-02-18 00:32 145KFree installation program creatorDeveloperBrowse
[   ]ansi.zip2002-09-12 17:46 6.1Ksmall ANSI+LESS driverUserBrowseDOS
[   ]as.chm2015-10-12 22:34 612KAS (Gnu Assembler) User's Manual repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]asem51.chm2013-08-16 15:35 240KASEM51 (macro assembler for 8051 controllers) User's Manual repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]asmutil.zip1996-02-28 03:29 20KASM program utilitiesDeveloperBrowseDOS
[   ]ATmegaX8.chm2018-04-03 22:43 4.9MATmega32X8 Datenblatt (ATmega48, ATmega88, ATmega168, ATmega328, bestückt als ATmega328 auf Arduino Uno) auf deutschUserAngucken
[   ]AudioPipe.zip2009-11-07 00:36 18KIf you have 2 sound cards, you may need this, like a virtual audio cableUserBrowse
[   ]autorun.zip2002-12-15 19:27 30KSeveral specific CDROM autorun projectsUser
[   ]avr-dasm.zip2019-04-17 18:51 7.3KSuper-tiny AVR disassembler including most AVR I/O space names, for later inclusion into avrppUserBrowseWindows + Linux
[   ]avr-libc.chm2019-01-09 13:19 791KAVR-LIBC manual repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]avrdude.chm2013-05-14 12:25 76KAVRDUDE manual repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]avrpp.zip2019-12-05 12:08 102KRecompiled ElmChans avrpp (AVR parallel programmer) for Windows and Linux. Enhancements:
  • Can load ELF files, no need for avr-objcopy
  • Can check signature of target device against data in HEX or ELF file
  • Support for TPI (6-pin AVR) devices
  • Support for both InpOut32.dll and giveio.sys
  • Chip insert message per MessageBox when running from IDE
UserBrowseWindows + Linux
[   ]bitcalc.zip2002-09-17 11:18 16KPLL IC ICD2053B bitstream calculation and programmingUserBrowse
[   ]borg.zip2003-10-30 20:11 266KA nice (but useless) DisassemblerUserBrowse
[   ]c1258uni.tbl2003-10-08 00:59 276 DOSLFN and Volkov Commander OEM↔Unicode transcode tableUserDOS
[   ]chmspec.chm2013-09-22 14:52 120KCHM specification repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]com0com.sys2015-06-26 03:24 89KSigned 64-bit driver for virtual null modem cableUser
[TXT]cp1258.txt2003-10-08 00:59 909 DOSLFN and Volkov Commander OEM↔Unicode transcode tableUserDOS
[TXT]cp720.txt2003-10-08 00:59 1.0KDOSLFN and Volkov Commander OEM↔Unicode transcode tableUserDOS
[   ]cp720uni.tbl2003-10-08 00:59 276 DOSLFN and Volkov Commander OEM↔Unicode transcode tableUserDOS
[TXT]ddk_devstudio.htm2016-03-29 10:02 5.6KInclude DDK into Microsoft Visual StudioDeveloperWin32
[   ]dirhide.zip1996-04-29 11:37 14KTrue hiding hidden directoriesUserBrowseDOS
[   ]dirtouch.zip2003-01-26 21:06 21KTouch directories(!)UserBrowseDOS
[   ]dknack_.exe2003-06-25 00:09 270KDongle emulator (Windows, but not for XP or Vista)UserBrowse
Shot 1
Shot 2
[   ]DLO_Deluxe32.zip2010-04-24 23:43 8.0KDiscoLitez plug-in for Deluxe32 circuitryUserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_DeluxeUSB.zip2012-02-22 23:54 265KDiscoLitez plug-in for DeluxeUSB or DeluxeUSBmux circuitry and firmwareUserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_Parallel.zip2010-04-24 23:43 26KDiscoLitez plug-in for parallel port (features random port address)UserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_PowerSwitch.zip2010-04-24 23:31 7.1KDiscoLitez plug-in for PowerSwitchUserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_UsbPrn.zip2012-02-22 23:54 96KDiscoLitez plug-in for USB→Printer adapterUserBrowseWin32
[   ]doslfn.zip2003-06-02 01:42 311KDOS long file name support driver, for FAT and Joliet CDFSUserBrowseDOS
[   ]doslfn_n.zip2003-03-31 22:43 289KOlder (backup) version of DOSLFNUserBrowseDOS
[   ]doslfnjh.zip2004-07-07 16:59 173KDOSLFN modified by Jason Hood (IMHO not best)UserBrowseDOS
[   ]dosmisc.zip2006-12-01 10:25 235KVarious DOS+BAT utilities (often I need the binary file patch program fpatch)UserBrowseDOS
[   ]extrico_.exe1999-03-25 02:34 9.1KExtract an icon from .EXE file (you may need this for Program Manager links to programs residing on removable media)UserBrowseWin16
[   ]fakedate.zip2005-03-24 09:53 66KA “time machine” for particular processes (works sometimes with time-limited software)UserBrowse
[   ]fdread.zip1996-02-28 03:28 771 For reading 1.72MB diskettes + diskette BootSelector creatorUserBrowseDOS
[   ]filecollect.zip2012-07-17 17:11 29KDaily automated backup to daily (monthly/yearly) archive filesUserBrowseWin32 Console
[   ]finger.zip2013-04-17 17:46 162KFinger for mail (some hosts allow this, rather than using POP/IMAP, no password transfer)UserBrowseWin16, Win32
[   ]Funkuhr.zip2017-05-15 09:36 1.0MRadio controlled clock; receiver software for DCF77 with weather forecast decoding into a map of Europe.
No descrambling, must be done by external hardware
[   ]gccfilt.zip2015-09-22 03:55 4.5KFilter output of Gnu compiler collection tools (gcc, gas, etc.) to be compatible to Microsoft Visual StudioUserBrowse
[   ]gerald.zip2000-07-06 01:45 55KAccess LPT1UserBrowseWin32
[   ]giveio10.zip2017-01-17 01:29 29K 
[   ]giveio64.zip2019-04-23 18:18 38KFunctional 64 bit replacement driver for giveio.sys and dlportio.sys. Enables direct port access in user mode.
Read documentation carefully before use.
[   ]glpntdrv.zip2015-05-14 11:33 108KGALEP-III/IV kernel-mode driver for Win64UserBrowseWin64
[   ]graphwin.zip2002-12-10 18:05 20KBorland “graphics.h” ported to Windows (C development, for easywin projects)DeveloperBrowse
DOS screen
[   ]gwbasic.chm2013-05-14 13:51 385KGW-BASIC manual repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]HD61830.chm2016-10-13 14:15 67KDocumentation saved from Delta Components about LCD controllerUserRead online
[   ]hdsleep.zip1996-02-28 03:28 3.1KHard disk lulling with hotkey controlUserBrowseDOS
[   ]hdsleepw.zip1995-11-28 00:58 2.7KHard disk lulling (Windows 3.1/9x), no hotkey controlUserBrowseVxD
[TXT]header.html2016-03-08 14:52 1.4K 
[   ]helpdeco-2.1.3-Win32.zip2013-05-08 12:22 125K 
[   ]hidparse.zip2019-08-09 00:18 46KTree of HID (Human Interface Devices) and the enumeration of (undocumented) preparsed report descriptor using HidD_* and HidP_* functionsUserBrowse
[   ]hookany.zip2000-11-17 00:18 13KHooking code for any 16bit Windows function (PASCAL source)DeveloperBrowseWin16
[   ]hp2xx_hs.zip2002-01-31 19:03 275KHPGL to pict converter (improved memory management for good speed)UserBrowseDOS
[   ]ico2gif.zip2015-01-15 10:12 6.5KICO to GIF converter (for developers, C source, and for web servers)UserBrowseDOS, Win32c, Unix
[   ]inpout32-hs.zip2019-05-15 17:10 119KThe well-known INPOUT32.DLL (and INPOUTX64.DLL) but
  • Smallest file size having WHQL certified 32-bit and 64-bit drivers built-in
  • DlPortIo compatibility (simply rename it)
  • jnpout32 compatibility (Java {32 and 64 bit} support, as Java Native Interface)
  • Module included (VisualBasic)
  • Automatic LPT port address redirection to PCI/PCIexpress cards
  • Built-in driverless redirection to USB2LPT and USB->ParallelPrinter adapters, device list can be extended easily
  • High-Speed microcode-based LPT access API, optimized for arbitrary USB devices
  • Info box for current LPT redirections — see screenshot
  • Helper API to bring some DlPortIo.DLL / AllowIo / GiveIo / TotalIo based software to work on 64 bit Windows editions





More detail

Application example

[   ]io32.zip1996-12-09 14:50 7.7KIoctl demoDeveloperBrowseWin32
[   ]iportp.zip1996-02-28 03:30 4.7KModify indexed ports (CMOS RAM and SoundBlaster, to have two well-known examples)UserBrowseDOS
[   ]isdn.chm2013-09-16 22:30 188KZusammengefasste ISDN-Dokumentation als offline lesbares „Buch“UserAngucken
[   ]javascript.chm2013-08-14 13:19 417KJavaScript-Einführung (von als offline lesbares „Buch“UserAngucken
[   ]kcemu_.exe2000-04-12 04:11 579KGDRs KC emulator (emulates Z1013, Z9001, HC900, KC85/1, KC85/2, KC85/3, KC85/4, KC87)UserBrowseWin16
[   ]kg.zip1996-02-28 03:29 4.6KTiny German keyboard driverUserBrowseDOS
[   ]koolplot-heha.zip2020-01-03 18:01 130KKoolplot as Win32 port, tested in Visual Studio 2008. Intended to integrate into another project, Koolplot renders as unuseable for that task, sorry. However it has nice ideas how to use C++ operator overloading to create easy-looking invocations!DeveloperBrowseWin32
[   ]koolplot-template-2017.zip2019-10-16 12:03 20K 
[   ]koolplot-template.zip2019-10-17 10:24 41K 
[   ]ld.chm2015-10-12 22:34 239KLD (Gnu Linker) User's Manual repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]LinuxDeviceDrivers3.chm2013-05-15 13:54 1.5MCorbet/Rubini/Kroah-Hartman: “Linux Device Drivers 3” as HtmlHelp file, optimized for screen reading, no page numbers
UserThe full
source is
[   ]llb.var2017-04-03 12:26 133 LabVIEW LLB browserUser
[   ]lptdac.zip2002-01-09 14:32 83KEmulate SoundBlaster from Covox Speech Thing
runs with Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98 Gold but not Windows 98 SE
[   ]maus32.zip2014-03-07 10:42 57KMouse-input and otherwise enhancing utilitiesUserBrowseWin32
[TXT]mein_chm.htm2018-11-29 16:58 20KCHM-Hilfe
[TXT]mein_msvc.htm2019-09-12 10:54 84KNo large executables avoiding linking standard run-time libraryDeveloperWin32
[TXT]morestak.htm2016-03-29 10:07 1.5KWhy use MORESTAK.EXE?UserWin16
[TXT]mr610.htm2017-08-02 00:47 5.7KStatistic Calculation for pocket calculators and microcontrollersDevelopern.a.
[   ]mrec_src.zip2004-09-06 02:18 45KTastaturmakrorekorder (uralt)UserBrowseDOS
[   ]msp430-usbbsl.zip2014-10-21 15:04 38KEasy to use command-line firmware downloader for TI MSP430F55xx microcontrollers, via USBUserBrowseWin32
[   ]msvcrt-light.zip2019-12-05 12:27 202KDefeat bloatware having full C standard library in a pre-installed DLL (for MSVC)DeveloperBrowseWin32
[   ]nc4plus.zip1996-02-28 03:29 13KNorton Commander 4 extra utilitiesUserBrowseWin32
[   ]nice_rc.zip2015-10-03 21:31 11Kreformat MSVC generated .rc (and .prj) files to a human-readable form, gawk scriptDeveloperBrowseWin32
[   ]nihongo.i862003-10-19 21:07 2.6KDOSLFN language replacement fileDeveloperDOS
[   ]noro.zip2003-01-27 20:30 14Kremove nasty R/O attributes from (CD)FS, Boot-Selector for non-bootable diskettes, etc.UserBrowseDOS
[   ]petzold.chm2016-04-15 15:21 4.1MLD (Gnu Linker) User's Manual repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]ponyprog-150517.zip2015-05-18 02:55 317K 
[   ]ponyprog-150725.zip2015-08-13 02:30 348K 
[   ]PonyProg.zip2013-09-02 00:06 1.1MA PonyProg2000 source code, forked(?) for some improvements esp. for Windows platformUserBrowse
Download .EXE
Win32, Linux
[   ]porussky.i862004-10-11 17:24 3.0KDOSLFN language replacement fileDeveloperDOS
[TXT]PrimfaktorReihe.htm2016-04-15 14:58 1.3KPrimfaktor-Reihe
[   ]Profibus.chm2015-02-11 03:22 6.5MProfibus-Doku als offline lesbares „Buch“UserAngucken
[   ]psfilter.zip2001-10-05 18:39 69KPostScript printerworks (print A5-formatted brochures on any non-duplex A4 printer)UserBrowse
[TXT]pstops.htm2018-03-15 17:30 9.3KHow to use pstops (explanation with pictures)UserWin32, Unix
[   ]random.zip2010-03-22 17:16 6.7KCreate large files with pseudo-random content, for checking flash memory cardsUserBrowse
[   ]relais1.zip2006-11-27 08:16 101KSundox 1001494 Relay card controlled by a VBA program (Visual Basic for Applications)UserBrowseWin32
[   ]rsd.zip2006-10-16 08:23 6.5KSolve Relational Sudoku by brute-forceUserBrowseDOS
[   ]runever.zip2001-10-09 15:39 4.4KRun an application continuously (service-like)UserBrowseWin32
[   ]sd.zip2009-07-18 13:33 6.3KSolve Sudoku by brute-forceUserBrowseDOS
[   ]SelfDXD.chm2015-03-17 22:53 1.8MSelfDXD als offline lesbares „Buch“UserAngucken
[   ]sftpplug.zip2016-08-02 01:16 202KSecure FTP plugin for Total Commander, compiled by me to be executeable on Windows 2000UserBrowseWin32 de/en/fr
[   ]sht11.zip2016-10-11 23:00 289KTemperature + Humidity sensor on LPT portUserBrowse
[   ]SPE.zip2015-08-19 04:50 59KSerial Printer Emulation, transfers raw data incoming on a serial port to a Windows printer, can process a subset of ESC/P records for formatted printing onto non-ESC/P printersUserBrowse
[   ]Starting GDIplus.zip2012-02-28 10:55 53KHow to use GDIplus without MFC and without run-time libraryDeveloperBrowse
[   ]Sternzeit.chm2013-08-23 12:15 69KSternzeit-Artikel aus Wikipedia. In CHM umgesetzt zum Offline-Lesen.User
[   ]symlink.zip2010-11-21 12:39 7.6KA trial for emulating symbolic links on FAT drives intended for avr-gcc (WinAVR) and mspgcc, but doesn't work (what did I wrong?) :-(DeveloperBrowseWin32
[   ]t_und_m.zip2007-04-27 23:10 140KKeyboard and mouse-input enhancing utilities, especially mouse-wheel supportUserBrowseDOS+Win16
[   ]tabpad.zip2004-06-01 13:19 12KAuto-tabulating notepad (colum widths auto-change according to the widest string in the column)UserBrowseWin16
[   ]Termini.zip2019-04-02 18:32 12KVery simple and small calendar software, typically used for birthday remindersDeveloperBrowseWin16/32/64
[   ]thread.zip1996-04-29 23:37 6.7KTurboPascal thread example (co-operative scheduling)DeveloperBrowseDOS, Win16
[   ]thunk.zip2007-02-22 20:41 2.1KGeneric Thunk, a simple C++ class for delivering an address to a callback functionDeveloperBrowseWin32, Unix
[   ]ToClipboard.zip2008-11-03 15:51 6.1KPut {WMF|EMF|BMP|JPG|PNG|WAV|CLP|text} file to clipboardUserBrowseWin32 Console
[   ]transcode.zip2009-05-28 01:11 12KUniversal codepage conversion for text files
(but no line ending, trailing whitespace, and space/tab conversion)
UserBrowseWin32 Console
[   ]treeinfo.zip1996-02-28 03:29 12KNorton Commander treeinfo.ncd file descriptionDeveloperBrowseDOS
[   ]unhtml.zip2001-10-23 14:36 11KRemove HTML entities and replace with iso-latin-1 codesUserBrowseWin32 Console, Unix
[   ]uninst.zip2000-11-03 12:42 3.1KTurboPascal TSR uninstall unitDeveloperBrowseDOS
[   ]USB Mass Storage.zip2005-02-17 14:47 10KThe ultimate Win98 driver I foundUserBrowseWin32
[   ]usb.chm2015-11-04 12:31 122K“USB in a nutshell” repacked as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]usbview.zip2013-07-17 10:42 294KThis enhanced version of the Microsoft tool lists the unpreparsed HID Report descriptor, has two-way enumeration (needed for Win98, Win2k), saves the window position, and uses the comprehensive usb.ids file information for decoding. Superseded by more advanced UsbTreeView by Uwe Sieber.UserBrowseWin32+x64
[TXT]vbtut.txt2012-08-31 10:47 2.7K 
[   ]vcall0.zip2002-09-26 16:56 14KRun any code at Ring0DeveloperBrowseWin16
[   ]w2k3sddk-lib.zip2005-03-24 13:23 375K 
[TXT] 11:13 15KDOSLFN Description + FAQUserDOS
[TXT]what_lfn.en.htm2016-03-29 10:16 9.9KDOSLFN Description + FAQUserDOS
[   ]Win32SEH.chm2013-08-26 02:12 157KMatt Pietreks explanation of Win32 Structured Exception Handling (SEH) as handy HTML help fileUserRead online
[   ]win3font.zip2002-04-04 00:36 5.9KA better font update: System & FixedSys EUR (Win3.x)UserBrowseWin16
[   ]winasm.zip2000-02-19 15:19 3.1Ktiny sample assembly programsDeveloperBrowseWin16, Win32
[   ]winsock.zip1997-12-14 02:02 69KWindows Sockets description (Pascal)DeveloperBrowseWin16
[   ]wmfsave.zip2013-11-13 15:17 16KSave clipboard to Windows MetaFile (WMF), keeping aspect ratio and size, removing size-bloating META_ESCAPE records. This way, you can create vector graphic files with your preferred software, provided it can copy vector graphics to clipboard. MS-Office built-in Image Editor as an example.UserBrowseWin16/32/64
[   ]wmfview.zip2017-02-15 15:39 74KDecode and analyze WMF and EMF (but currently no EMF+) with full Unicode support (some bugs still present but indeed useful for developers)UserBrowse
[   ]wnetdrv.zip2005-02-07 13:23 6.6KFMLFN.DRV's source (Pascal)DeveloperBrowseWin16
[   ]x.awk2003-07-17 20:44 633 Convert .CHM to TreeView for very adequate web display of CHM filesDeveloperExampleawk
[   ]x86.chm2013-09-28 23:57 358KHow x86 and amd64 instructions are encodedDeveloperRead online
[   ]zr.zip2000-08-15 12:48 8.3Knumber puzzle solver (brute-force) with integrated fast-executing function compreter for +, -, ×, ÷ operatorsUserBrowseDOS