File: /~heha/hs/dlo/

DiscoLitez plugin, for controlling eight channels via PowerSwitch

This plugin overcomes the absence of parallel ports,
especially on laptops.

Install this plugin by copying the file DLO_PowerSwitch.dll
to the <WinAmp folder>\Plugins\DiscoLitez\DLOPs\ folder.
No other files are necessary.
If you do not find this folder, you probably should
install DiscoLitez first.

This plugin generally uses the first PowerSwitch found.

If you rename or copy the DLL to "DLO_PowerSwitch 1.dll",
you can access a second PowerSwitch device, and so forth.
Please note the size of the .DLL! Why bloating it?
(Hint to Delphi users: Don't use sysutils and VCL!)

This software is open-source freeware (public domain).
You can do with it what you want,
even including it into closed-source commercial programs.
(Doesn't apply to required libusb component! GNU GPL.)

Henrik Haftmann, Chemnitz, 2010/4/24

Change log:
+080921	Added support for more than one PowerSwitch device
-100424	EAccessError while unloading this plugin

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