Discolitez plugins

Discolitez itself is a plugin for the famous WinAmp MP3 player. Its goal is to control colored lamps or LEDs in the beat of the music. It is poorly written in Delphi, i.e. has some usage bugs. (That's what I see as developer.) Moreover, that plugin supports plugins to talk to actual hardware. While some hardware was developed by the Discolitez developer(s), their plugins were much too big and not functional on Win64 systems. Therefore I rewrote these plugins to work.

I don't actually used neither Discolitez nor any plugin, as I don't see any sense to make flickering light. I'm not the guy enjoying music with the help of flicker, and meanwhile too old. All I did shown below I did to help other users.


I made these various plugins using (my) InpOut32.dll, so these run on Windows 95 upto Windows 10. Some need administrative privilege to start, some not. It depends on hardware and connection.

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[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
[   ]DLO_Deluxe32.zip2010-04-24 23:43 8.0KDiscoLitez plug-in for Deluxe32 circuitryUserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_DeluxeUSB.zip2012-02-22 23:54 265KDiscoLitez plug-in for DeluxeUSB or DeluxeUSBmux circuitry and firmwareUserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_Parallel.zip2010-04-24 23:43 26KDiscoLitez plug-in for parallel port (features random port address)UserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_PowerSwitch.zip2010-04-24 23:31 7.1KDiscoLitez plug-in for PowerSwitchUserBrowseWin32
[   ]DLO_UsbPrn.zip2012-02-22 23:54 96KDiscoLitez plug-in for USB→Printer adapterUserBrowseWin32

Photos of UsbPrn adapter