File: /~heha/hsn/UNI-T/

For compiling this project, you need:

* Visual Studio 6 or higher
* msvcrt-light.lib, search for at
* Windows 98 DDK or higher (I prefer Windows 2003 DDK)
* Visual Studio 2008 or higher for the AMD64 build
  (You need a 64 bit .DLL only for 64 bit .EXE programs.)
  (Not required when building using Windows 2003 DDK or higher.)

henni, 090811

+12xxxx	DLL "restarts itself" when unenumerated devices are detected
	while running unelevated; prompting a UAC dialog (Vista+)
+130528	Sets FriendlyName for the HID device in Device Manager
Detected encoding: ASCII (7 bit)2