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//	 decrypt.h

#ifndef decrypt_h
#define decrypt_h

#include "common.h"
#include "list.h"
#include "savefile.h"

// decrypt types supported - add, sub, mul, xor
//enum dectype {decnull=0,decadd,decsub,decmul,decrot,decxor,decxadd};
typedef byte dectype;
enum dectype_e {decnull=0,decadd,decsub,decmul,decrot,decxor,decxadd};

// decrypt lengths - byte,word,dword,array
//enum ditemtype {decbyte=1,decword,decdword,decarray};
typedef byte ditemtype;
enum ditemtype_e {decbyte=1,decword,decdword,decarray};

// structure cannot be implemented internal to the class due to MSVC warning.
// struct declist;

// decrypters are held in an array - this array is saved when a database is saved
// and the list is reapplied on loading the file. 
struct declist
{  lptr dec_start;	// start address
   lptr dec_end;	// end address
   dectype typ;		// type of patch
   ditemtype dlength;	// size of patch value byte/word/dword/array
   dword value;		// patch value
   lptr arrayaddr;	// address of array if present
   bool patch;		// was the exe patched ?
   dword uid;		// unique id for ordering

class decrypt:public slist <declist *>
{ public:
    dword nextitemnum;
    bool loading_db;

    dword add_decrypted(lptr dstart,lptr dend,dectype t,ditemtype ditem,dword val,lptr adr,bool patchedexe);
    void process_dec(dword dec_id);
    void process_reload(dword dec_id);
    void exepatch(dword dec_id);
    bool read_item(savefile *sf);
    bool write_item(savefile *sf);
    // virtual functions from slist
    int compare(declist *i,declist *j);

extern decrypt decrypter;

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