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//	       data.h

#ifndef data_h
#define data_h

#include "list.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "savefile.h"

//enum segtype {code16=1,code32,data16,data32,uninitdata,debugdata,resourcedata};
typedef byte segtype;
enum segtype_e {code16=1,code32,data16,data32,uninitdata,debugdata,resourcedata};

//essentially the data-mapping to the file.
//divides file into code/data segments or objects
//each set of data is then referenced through these sorted headers
struct dsegitem
{ lptr addr;
  dword size;
  byte *data;
  segtype typ;
  char *name;

class dataseg: public slist <dsegitem *>
{ public:
    void addseg(lptr loc,dword size,byte *dataptr,segtype t,char *name);
    dsegitem *findseg(lptr loc);
    bool beyondseg(lptr loc);
    void nextseg(lptr *loc);
    void lastseg(lptr *loc);
    unsigned long datagetpos(lptr loc);
    lptr getlocpos(unsigned long pos);
    void possibleentrycode(lptr loc);
    void segheader(lptr loc);
    bool read_item(savefile *sf,byte *filebuff);
    bool write_item(savefile *sf,byte *filebuff);
    // virtual functions from slist
    int compare(dsegitem *i,dsegitem *j);
    void delfunc(dsegitem *i);

    bool insegloc(dsegitem *ds,lptr loc);

extern dataseg *dta;

// for vertical scrollbar only
extern unsigned long total_data_size;
//extern unsigned long current_data_pos;

LPTSTR typ2name(segtype typ);

Detected encoding: ASCII (7 bit)2