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//	       common.h
// common definitions

#ifndef common_h
#define common_h

// basic type definitions.
typedef unsigned char byte;
typedef unsigned short int word;
typedef unsigned long dword;
typedef char * string;

// basic class for lptr's - pointers comprised of a segment and offset.
// the intention is that addresses are well defined within Borg. So comparison
// operators exist in a well defined way. Addresses are not converted to 32 bit
// equivalents or whatever for this.
class lptr		  //Pointer Struct 32-bit.
{ public:
    word segm;		     //segment
    dword offs;		     //offset

    lptr(word seg,dword off);
    void assign(word seg,dword off);
    bool between(const lptr& lwb,const lptr& upb);
    bool operator==(const lptr& loc2);
    bool operator<=(const lptr& loc2);
    bool operator>=(const lptr& loc2);
    bool operator<(const lptr& loc2);
    bool operator>(const lptr& loc2);
    bool operator!=(const lptr& loc2);
    lptr operator+(dword offs2);
    lptr& operator++(int x);
    lptr& operator+=(dword offs2);
    lptr operator-(dword offs2);
    dword operator-(lptr& loc2);

// predefined null pointer.
extern const lptr nlptr;
extern HWND KBHand;			// für nichtmodale Dialoge
extern HWND HelpShortcuts;	// Tasten-Hilfe (later a dialog for modifying them)

// basic support functions
void cleanstring(char *str);
void demangle(char **nme);
BOOL getfiletoload(char *fname, UINT FNSize, UINT FilterID, UINT &Select);	// FNSize in Chars
BOOL getfiletosave(char *fname, UINT FNSize, UINT FilterID, UINT &Select);	// FNSize in Chars

#define nobreak			// for continuing "case" branches
#define elemof(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0]))	// elements of array
#define charof(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof(TCHAR))	// (Unicode) chars of a string
#define T TEXT			// preambel for static text strings

#ifdef _MFC_VER		// only for Visual C++
#define strnicmp _strnicmp
#include <crtdbg.h>

// for finding (many!) heap leakage at end of program with VisualC
#ifdef _DEBUG
#endif //_MFC_VER

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