File: /~heha/hs/[Download]

start of changes: 2002/04/08

file name	where			changed				reason

DASM.CPP:	#pragma warn -par	#pragma argsused		BC
DASM.CPP:	savefile_text()		#pragma argsused		BC
DASM.CPP:	HANDLE sbox;		HWND sbox;			VC C2664

SCHEDULE.CPP:	struct taskitem		[moved to .H]			VC C4150

RELOCS.CPP:	struct relocitem	[moved to .H]			VC C4150

EXELOAD.CPP:	if(..(fbuff+devhdr)..)	(dword) typecast (2x) ???	BC
EXELOAD.CPP:	if(..(devhdr+devlen..)	(dword) typecast		VC C4018
EXELOAD.CPP:	*modoffsets		unused, commented out (2x)	BC

DISIO.CPP:	LastPrintBuffHexValue()	(byte) typecast (2x)		BC

SAVEFILE.CPP:	rval=ReadFile()		rval=ReadFile()!=0; (3x)	VC C4800

DECRYPT.CPP:	struct declist		[moved to .H]			VC C4150
DECRYPT.CPP:	if(ctr+plen..)		if((unsigned long)(ctr+plen)..	BC, VC C4018

DASM.H:		#define Status_SetText	(bool) typecast removed		VC C4800

changed enum->byte for MSVC compatibility
changed WM_PAINT handling of buffer: memset->wsprintf

changed: another try to load the file to disassemble without its path
changed: more correct MessageBox content
added:   DeleteObject() in PaintBack() - it was a resource leak
#pragma argsused        removed                 not necessary in C++
CenterDialog            removed                 to resource
strcpy,strcat...        lstrcpy,lstrcat
strnicmp                _strnicmp               MSVC

save_reg_entries: WinPos = GetWindowPlacement
load_reg_entries: SetWindowPlacement(WinPos)

heavy recoding of all dialog box procedures

no more duplicate labels (names)
modeless, "dynamically changeable" Name Viever dialog

user font option
Detected encoding: ASCII (7 bit)2