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This is a quick-and-dirty USB firmware downloader
for Texas Instruments MSP430F55xx 16 (20) bit microcontrollers
using built-in USB bootstrap loader (USB BSL).

* Command-line interface for easy integrating into makefiles
* Full Unicode support - ANSI version for Win98/Me available
* No dependencies to strange DLLs
* Very small file size
* Reads Intel Hex files
* Built-in RAM BSL (no external file needed)
* Source code for Visual C++ 6 included
* Localizable using Win32 string resources

Not yet implemented:
* Useful help and error messages
* Extensive command-line options
* Flash readback providing a correct passphrase
* Processing Motorola SREC files
* Processing TI Text files (I recommend extension .tit)
* Doing CRC (cyclic redundancy check) with flashed data

Don't know how to solve:
* Reading ELF files (I need help how to do this)

I needed this program instantly because I didn't found
a suitable solution.
The solution provided by Texas Instruments lacks of a
command-line interface, and comes up with a nag screen.

Latest version (hopefully):

You need the "msvcrt-light.lib" file. You can download the file

Henrik Haftmann, 110914
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