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A simple program that records sound from one soundcard and playbacks to another.
It creates a Ɠdigital sound cableƶ from one sound card to another, with least delays as possible.
This program ist merely intended for USB soundcards, USB headsets,
and digital 5.1 outputs when using analog input e.g. from a TV card.


radio or TV --> analog sound --> Line In --> soundcard --> THIS PROGRAM
 --> another soundcard --> Speaker Out --> Headphone --> your ears

Another example:

analog TV card --> analog sound --> (internal) Line In --> soundcard --> THIS PROGRAM
 --> graphics card with DVI and integrated sound output --> DVI output
 --> adapater cable DVI-HDMI --> HDMI input --> modern flat-screen HDTV
 --> integrated speakers --> your ears

You don't need this program if you have less than 2 soundcards in your system!

This program is pre-alpha!
Only one source and only one destination is currently supported.
No saving of any setting yet.
No useful error messages.
MS VisualC debug session crashes when stopping transfer. No problems outside VisualC.
No adjustment for slightly different sample rates on source and destination.

The audio characteristics comboboxes are filled with capabilities
of both input and output devices (the intersection of all capabilities).
However, soundcards often report too much capabilities;
if streaming doesn't work, try to reduce sample rate and/or bits per sample.

Buffer size is a compromise between audible delay (should be small)
and contiguous streaming (needs larger buffers).

You can see buffer usage (should be in middle to be away from buffer over- and underruns).

Very small .EXE size, low CPU usage, low memory consumption.

Henrik Haftmann, Chemnitz, 091016
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