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Professur Algorithmische und Diskrete Mathematik
Martin Winter

MSc. Martin Winter

Research Fellow at the working group
Algorithmic and Discrete Mathematics
(Prof. Dr. Christoph Helmberg)

Address: Technische Universität Chemnitz
Fakultät für Mathematik
Professur Algorithmische und Diskrete Mathematik
09107 Chemnitz
Office: Reichenhainer Straße 39
09126 Chemnitz
Room 715 (new: C46.715)
Telephone: 0371 531-34889


Research Interests

  • spectral/algebraic graph theory (especially spectral properties of highly symmetric and highly regular graphs),
  • symmetries of discrete objects (polytopes, graphs, compexes, ...),
  • polytope theory (zonotopes, face-lattices, ...),
  • symmetry groups, point groups, reflection groups, root systems, ...,
  • low-dimensional topology/geometry,
  • real representation theory of finite groups.

Publications & Preprints

  1. T. Jahn and M. Winter.
    Vertex-Facet Assignments for Polytopes (open accessarXiv)
    Contributions to Algebra and Geometry (2020).
  2. M. Winter.
    Geometry and Topology of Symmetric Point Arrangements (linkarXiv)
    Linear Algebra and its Applications (2021),
  3. M. Winter.
    Classification of Vertex-Transitive Zonotopes (arXiv)
    Preprint, arXiv:1912.10469, December 2019.
  4. M. Winter.
    The Edge-Transitive Polytopes that are not Vertex-Transitive (arXiv)
    Preprint, arXiv:2005.14285, May 2020.
  5. M. Winter.
    Symmetric and Spectral Realizations of Highly Symmetric Graphs (arXiv)
    Preprint, arXiv:2009.01568, September 2020.
  6. M. Winter.
    Eigenpolytopes, Spectral Polytopes and Edge-Transitivity (arXiv)
    Preprint, arXiv:2009.02179, September 2020.

Conferences, Workshops, etc.


  1. South Eastern Graph Theory Workshop (Chemnitz)
  2. FRICO (Chemnitz), Talk: "Spectral Methods for Symmetric Polytopes"
  3. South Eastern Graph Theory Workshop (Freiberg)
  4. Geomtry Day (Dresden)


  1. Polytope Spring School (Bochum), Talk: "Spectral Methods for Symmetric Polytopes"
  2. Summer School on Geometric & Algebraic Combinatorics (GAC, Paris)
  3. Discrete Geometry Day^2 (Budapest), Talk: "Spectral Methods for Symmetric Polytopes" (slides)
  4. South Eastern Graph Theory Workshop (Chemnitz), Talk: "Edge-Transitive Polytopes"
  5. Colloquium on Combiantorics (Kolkom, Paderborn), Talk: "Edge-Transitive Polytopes" (slides)
  6. Geometry Day (Jena), Talk: "Edge-Transitive Polytopes"


  1. Combinatorial Coworkspace (Kleinwalsertal), Talk: "Inscribed Zonotopes and Hyperplane Arrangements with Congruent Chambers" (slides)
  2. DMV Annual Conference (Chemnitz), Talk: "Spectral Graph Theory for Polytopes" (slides)


  • winter term 2018/19: Tutorial "Basics of Optimization"
  • winter term 2019/20: Tutorial "Graph Theory"
  • winter term 2020/21: Tutorial "Introduction to Discrete Mathematics"

I am an active user of the StackExchange network (username: M. Winter).
Those are my mathematical profiles:



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