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Thomas Jahn
SEG 25

25th SEG Workshop at TU Chemnitz

Time and Venue

The workshop will start on Tuesday, October 22, at 15:00 in room N113 of the Central Lecture Hall Building, Reichenhainer Straße 90, 09126 Chemnitz, and conclude with a joint dinner the same day.

Travel information

To get from Chemnitz main station to the Central Lecture Hall Building, take tram 3, C13, C14 or C15 to Technopark at platforms 1 to 4. Get off at TU Campus. Tickets are sold by CVAG ticket machines and bus drivers. Tickets received from ticket machines have to be validated. Single tickets cost 2.20 Euro; they are valid for one trip to a particular stop and for one hour. Day passes cost 4.40 Euro; they are valid the whole day. Using these tickets, you are allowed to transfer to other bus and tram lines in Chemnitz within the validity period.


Anja HähleChemnitz
Tobias HofmannChemnitz
Thomas JahnChemnitz
Martin WinterChemnitz

Scientific Program

Time Speaker Title & Abstract
15:00 - 15:15 Workshop opening
18:00 Walk from the Central Lecture Hall Building to the city center
18:45 Workshop Dinner at Cortina
Here is the program in pdf format.

Workshop Dinner

At Cortina, Straße der Nationen 12, 09111 Chemnitz, starting at 18:45. To get there from the Central Lecture Hall Building, go can join the walking group or go to the tram stop TU Campus and take tram 3 to Hauptbahnhof, C13 to Burgstädt, C14 to Mittweida, or C15 to Hainichen and get off at Roter Turm. From there, you should see the restaurant.

Map with walking directions