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Dr. Ralf Hielscher
MTEX Workshop 2021

Chemnitz MTEX Workshop 2021

Due to the current Corona situation the MTEX workshop 2021 we be held entirely online.

Learning Crystallographic Texture Analysis with MTEX

The workshop extends over two weeks and is part of the Master Course Introduction into the crystallographic texture analysis and counts for 4 ETCS points. While the first week is mainly devoted to beginners in MTEX and/or texture analysis the second week is a meeting of MTEX users with different experiences to share specific use cases, tips and tricks and discuss recent and upcoming developments in MTEX.

Week 1: 08.03.2021 - 12.03.2021

During the first week we provide on a daily basis two morning lectures covering the basic theoretical principles of crystallography, diffraction and texture analysis. During the two afternoon exercises the theoretical concepts will be demonstrated at practical examples within MTEX.

spherical coordinates, representations of rotations, visualizations of rotations, crystal lattices, direct and reciprocal coordinate system, Miller indices, zonal axes, crystal shapes

crystal symmetries point groups, Laue groups, space groups, fundamental sectors, orientations, symmetrically equivalent orientations, fundamental regions, pole figures, inverse pole figures, fibers of orientations

diffraction at regular lattices, Brags law, powder diffraction, EBSD, indexing of Kikuchi pattern, pattern matching, alignment of the reference system, analysis and visualization of EBSD maps, denoising of EBSD maps

grain reconstruction, grain shape parameters, grain orientation parameters, grain boundaries, grain fabric analysis

density estimation from directional and rotational data, random sampling, orientation distribution function (ODF), pole density function (PDF), standard ODFs, representations of ODFs and PDFs, quantitative analysis of ODF, volume portions, prefered orientations, ODF Modeling, X-ray, neutron and synchrotron diffraction, ODF reconstruction of pole figure data

Times: Lecture 1: 8:45-10:00, Lecture 2: 10:30 - 11:45, Exercise 1: 13:00-14:30, Exercise 2: 15:00 - 16:00

Week 2: 15.03.2021 - 17.03.2021

The second week will consist of lectures by invited experts that explain in detail the application of MTEX to specific problems as listed below. Furthermore, current or future users of MTEX are invited to share their experiences with MTEX or ask questions about specific use cases. To encourage discussions we plan with slots of 20 minutes talk given by the participants followed by a 10 minutes discussion. As we expect a very heterogeneous auditorium we kindly ask the participant to keep their talks as simple as possible.
Jessica Hiscocks
(Kingston Process Metallurgy, Canada)

Verifying your EBSD data - spatial data, Euler orientations, data scaling and scan distortions

Zachary Michels
(University of Minnesota, USA)

MTEX for structural geologists

Luiz Morales
(ETH Z├╝rich)

Interphase misorientations

Frank Niessen
(DTU, Technical University of Denmark)

Parent grain reconstruction from fully and partially transformed martensitic microstructures

Steve Niezgoda
(Ohio State University)

Extending EBSD Texture Analysis - Parametric models and Uncertainty Quantification

Anthony Rollet
(Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)
Daniel Savage
(Los Alamos, USA)

Graph Based Twin Analysis


  • Please use our registration form (now working 😉) to subscribe or write an email to
  • Deadline for registration is 31th of January 2021
  • Registration fee first and second week: students - 100 Euro, other - 200 Euro
  • Registration fee second week only: 100 Euro