Mounting memory cards in the card-reader of a network-enabled Photosmart

If you have a HP Photosmart and have it connected to your computer using it's LAN port you might have asked yourself why you can easily access the card-reader under Windows, but not under Linux. The hp-toolbox simply says, that you can only access the card reader when the printer is connected via USB.
Actually this is just wrong: it is no problem at all to access the card-reader - Samba does the trick. Whenever you insert a memory card into the printer's card-reader it is being shared using the SMB protocol. With the following information you should be able to mount the card reader, given that a memory card was inserted:

Hostname:your printer's IP
Share name:memory_card (in most cases)

So in KDE you would simply have to enter: smb://guest@PRINTERIP (in konqueror or dolphin) and after entering the password you can get started. This is as comfortable as using a USB or built-in card-reader.

To mount a memory card on the command line you would issue the following command:
mount -t cifs //PRINTERIP/memory_card /mnt/photosmart/ -o username=guest,password=hp
When you run into problems you should make sure that your kernel supports CIFS (or SMB) and samba (at least the client or cifs-mount) is installed. On almost every newer Linux-distribution these requirements should be met.

This is also confirmed to work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) without needing to install any HP drivers! Just use the Connect to server dialog.
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