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Professur Algorithmische und Diskrete Mathematik

Tobias Hofmann, M. Sc.

Doctoral Researcher in the CRC Hybrid Societies

Address Algorithmic and Discrete Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics
Chemnitz University of Technology
09107 Chemnitz
Office Room 721
Reichenhainer Straße 39
09126 Chemnitz
E-Mail tobias.hofmann@math.tu-chemnitz.de  
Phone +49 371 531 33396  
ORCID 0000-0003-2553-4183  
CV Curriculum Vitae  

Frank Göring and Tobias Hofmann
Properties of uniformly 3-connected graphs
Preprint, 2023.

Christoph Helmberg, Tobias Hofmann, Dominik Krumm, and Stephan Odenwald
A Computational Study on Supervised and Unsupervised Gait Data Segmentation
to appear in Hybrid Societies Conference Proceedings, 2023.

Frank Göring, Tobias Hofmann, and Manuel Streicher
Uniformly connected graphs
Journal of Graph Theory, 1-16, 2022.

Tobias Hofmann and Uwe Schwerdtfeger
Edge-connectivity matrices and their spectra
Linear Algebra and its Applications, 640, 34-47, 2022.

Tobias Hofmann and Andy Oertel
Fast ultrametric matrix-vector multiplication
Preprint, 2022.

Christoph Helmberg, Tobias Hofmann, and David Wenzel
Periodic event scheduling for automated production systems
INFORMS Journal on Computing, 34(2):1291-1304, 2021.

Tobias Hofmann and David Wenzel
How to minimize cycle times of robot manufacturing systems
Optimization and Engineering, 22, 895–912, 2021.



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