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LPTDAC.386: LPTDAC Waveout Driver Version 1.0ß
 = SoundBlaster Emulator on LPTDAC base fo Windows and its DOS boxes
 - LPTDAC ≡ Digital-Analog-Converter on printer port. In the easiest way
   one R-2R-network ("16 singing resistors") in a dongle case
 - My first great experience in case of 32 bit, protected mode, and
   device driver programming. I want to demonstrate, that there is
   more than 1kHz available on my 386/25. Without kernel programming it's
   impossible (fixed 8kHz from the real time clock excluded)

System Requirements:
 - 386 DX 25 (faster --> better results)
 - MS-Windows 3.1 Enhanced Mode (I don't know how it works under Windows95)
 - SB20SND.DRV as multimedia driver for Windows or SNDBLST2.DRV (only 22kHz;
   this is a standard Windows driver named "Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1.5")
   (You can write a well-suited driver for this in Turbo Pascal...)
 - The LPTDAC Speech Thing

Missing Functions in LPTDAC.386 Version 1.0ß
 - proper device contention management
  + one VM could set the sample rate and interference another VM
 - device contention management while printing via same port
  + You should avoid playing sound and printing at the same time:-)
 - Some API-Funktionen are not implemented
 - Setup values for SB port, IRQ level, and DMA channel

Not Emulated Functions
 - Single Byte Output
 - Compressed Data Stream Output (2bit, 3bit, 4bit...)
 - Input
 - MIDI Functions
 - strange DMA configurations like
  + too small or not matching DMA buffer
  + countdown DMA
 - CMS chipset funktions
 - AdLib functions

Extended Functions
 - The DMA buffer may overlap a 64 KB limit
 - An API allows to sound without the need to program SB+IRQ+DMA

In the Future
 - Support of 2 DACs
 - Emulation of SoundBlaster Pro (8bit stereo)
 - Own Windows driver (no sb20snd.drv neccessary)
 - Map AdLib Ports of any AdLib card onto SoundBlaster adresses

 - No warranties for all, neither damage on hard- nor software
   This is "banana software", it must be enhanced, but I have no time for this

 - Put into the [386enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI following line:
   device=LPTDAC.386	;do not forget a path if neccessary
 - If the port<>378h, then put following lines:
   port=xxx		;xxx=hexadecimal port address
 - put into the [drivers] section of the SYSTEM.INI the SB20SND.DRV:
 - Adjust the SoundBlaster driver to PORT220, IRQ5, DMA1

 Henrik Haftmann, Reichenhainer Str. 51  Zi. 105
 email: henrik.haftmann@e-technik.tu-chemnitz.de

Bugfixes since last version
 - New name (LPTDAC instead of COVOX) because COVOX is an american company.
 - documentation bug fixed (reported by Klaus.Klug@eltek.dtu.dk), you have
   to install the .drv driver into the [drivers] section, not the [devices]
   section (found in SYSTEM.INI)
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