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[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription
[DIR]doslfn/2020-03-30 11:02 - DOS programs and utilities(User)DirectoryDOS🇩🇪 🇬🇧
[   ]ansi.zip2002-09-12 17:46 6.1Ksmall ANSI+LESS driverUserBrowse
[   ]asmutil.zip1996-02-28 03:29 20KASM program utilitiesDeveloperBrowse
[   ]dirhide.zip1996-04-29 11:37 14KTrue hiding hidden directoriesUserBrowse
[   ]dirtouch.zip2003-01-26 21:06 21KTouch directories(!)UserBrowse
[   ]dosmisc.zip2006-12-01 10:25 235KVarious DOS+BAT utilities (often I need the binary file patch program fpatch)UserBrowse
[   ]fdread.zip1996-02-28 03:28 771 For reading 1.72MB diskettes + diskette BootSelector creatorUserBrowse
[   ]hdsleep.zip1996-02-28 03:28 3.1KHard disk lulling with hotkey controlUserBrowse
[   ]hp2xx_hs.zip2002-01-31 19:03 275KHPGL to pict converter (improved memory management for good speed)UserBrowse
[   ]iportp.zip1996-02-28 03:30 4.7KModify indexed ports (CMOS RAM and SoundBlaster, to have two well-known examples)UserBrowse
[   ]kg.zip1996-02-28 03:29 4.6KTiny German keyboard driverUserBrowse
[   ]mrec_src.zip2004-09-06 02:18 45KTastaturmakrorekorder (uralt)UserBrowse
[   ]nc4plus.zip1996-02-28 03:29 13KNorton Commander 4 extra utilitiesUserBrowseWin32🇩🇪
[   ]noro.zip2003-01-27 20:30 14Kremove nasty R/O attributes from (CD)FS, Boot-Selector for non-bootable diskettes, etc.UserBrowse
[   ]rsd.zip2006-10-16 08:23 6.5KSolve Relational Sudoku by brute-forceUserBrowse
[   ]treeinfo.zip1996-02-28 03:29 12KNorton Commander treeinfo.ncd file descriptionDeveloperBrowse
[   ]uninst.zip2000-11-03 12:42 3.1KTurboPascal TSR uninstall unitDeveloperBrowse
[   ]zr.zip2000-08-15 12:48 8.3Knumber puzzle solver (brute-force) with integrated fast-executing function compreter for +, -, ×, ÷ operatorsUserBrowse