Run Velleman PCS500 on USB

Working principle. One readout routine out of PCS500.exe looks like this.

For running the original software PCS500.exe on 64-bit Windows using a true parallel port, a suitable 64-bit driver is now possible to write. I found out at 2015-April-9 that there is an IOPM available too, and the PCS500.exe's working principle – accessing ports in user space – can be continued without speed loss. Now it's time to actually write the driver.

USB adapter

The USB adapter must have specialized firmware, thus requires specialized readout software, e.g. Oszi.exe with suitable plugin. The generic USB-Parallel converter would be incredible slow.

A PIC16F1454 ist nearly tailored for this purpose, with that advantages:

Through-hole attempt

Outdated, unsupported
Schematic and PCB

SMD attempt

Schematic and PCB. Pin assignment is not the same as for throgh-hole version!
Current firmware (not useable)

Function Generator Support

Schematic and PCB. A single-sided PCB requires 5-6 pieces of wire


Note that the German page contains the most recent information.

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