Keywords: USB, LPT, parallel, parallel port, printer port, converter, adaptor Complete USB2LPT 1.3 photo
To USB2LPT — Overview

USB2LPT – Cloning instructions for Release 1.3

Electronic Components

You need:
PCB photo
Populated PCB, ready to run




Known errors and problems

No errors known, but:
Here you can see preparation and mount alignment for the USB receptacle.
Population of USB socket

Solder Jumper

SJ1Assignment of pin 25 of D-sub female connector
right connectedPin 25 to ground (default)
not connectedPin 25 unconnected
left connectedPin 25 to 5 Volt (or 3,3V if SJ4 is right-connected)

Instead feeding 5 V directly, a self-rearming fuse like Buy Reichelt PFRA040 is recommended

SJ2Deactivation of boot EEPROM
not connectedEEPROM active (connected to microcontroller)
connectedEEPROM disabled (SDA pulled LOW)