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To USB2LPT — Overview

USB2LPT – Cloning instructions for Release 1.0

Electronic Components

You need: (Ordering numbers refer to German electronics distributor Reichelt and pricing for sept. 2004 in € in parentheses) A complete bill of material is contained in U.DOC.
PCB photo
Populated PCB, ready to run


Known PCB bugs and inconveniences

External downloads for production

If you decide to build this device, you have to download a development kit for the AN2131 from Cypress. The data sheet is not necessary, but useful to understanding.

External downloads for modifications

For recompilation you need ASEM51 und the complete Windows DDK ("Windows 98 DDK" preferred).

How to build

At first you make the vias. Then all SMD components, then the thru-hole components. Three bigger components mus be bent to be flat, the crystal, maybe tantalum capacitor. The SubD connector comes to the edge of the PCB.

The USB “B” receptacle stays in the middle of the housing. Because there is no edge-mounting component available, this component is used instead and must be soldered at the left and right metal plate.

When you are complete, you test the circuit with "EZUSB Control Panel" from Cypress. (Windows should request a driver; you satisfy it by supplying the driver from the Cypress development kit.)


With Cypress' “EZUSB Control Panel” you write the following firmware into the serial EEPROM. No programming device is needed! While prototyping, it is sufficient to leave the serial EEPROM unprogrammed; you may even decide not to have an EEPROM at all.