USB2LPT: Not recommended for new designs

Despite: USB2LPT was never recommended for new designs.

It depends on why you need one. USB2LPT's .sys driver with its port access redirection “feature” is a dirty hack and never truly stable. Moreover, it is slow and will not work at all for 64-bit versions of Windows. (Except you disable the Patchguard somehow.) In conjunction with my InpOut32.dll, USB2LPT is capable to run on 64-bit Windows. I have no Linux solution for it. Here are some usage scenarios you should differentiate first:

USB2LPT never solves problems you would encounter even with a true parallel port: Trouble using your program within 64-bit Windows you have to solve otherwise yourself. Either using my InpOut32.dll or my giveio64. With my inpout32.dll, you can even use cheaply available USB-ParallelPrinter converters, so, often for relay cards, my USB2LPT is still again obsolete.