Nothing to solder here!

But using the Conitec programmer:

Schematic for GALEP-III, with Eagle4 source — can be edited, copied, and even remanufactured. The WMF files were generated using my sch2wmf.ulp out of Eagle. Displaying these in Windows 10 with integrated picture viewer is annoying as Microsoft wrongly displays their own vector file format. Use any other picture viewer on Windows 10!

Driver for 64 Bit

Functional and digitally signed (150514): Works very well!

See Driver Installation Guide. It's absolutely necessary to use a 64 bit application for copy operations!! You may check whether you are right:

On some computers, the driver's certificate is not accepted. A set of cross-certifactes must be installed by a Windows update. For Windows 7, this is the update KB3033929. In such a case, keep the computer online for several days(!) — around the clock. Meanwhile, Windows will find missing updates, until the update above will be found and installed.
(Information by and J. Strunk.)

Selecting an arbitrary port address

As seen in this screenshot

Another glpwow.dll

Rewriting this DLL allows to keep in user mode. Which is a key solution to run galep32.exe under Linux (Wine) and with USB adapters.