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everything concerning my study (applied computer sciene) such as scripts, projects etc. (mostly in German)

The Constitutional Convention (a short presentation given in Z3M2 English course)

Simulation of wireless ad-hoc sensor networks with QualNet (Advanced Seminar Embedded Systems at department for Computer Engineering)
Interactive indoor navigation and infotainment-system based on RFID technology (TOP Embedded Systems at department for Computer Engineering)
Electoral System in the United States (a short presentation given in Z3M1 English course)

Script "Stochastik für Informatiker" (Dr. D. Uhlig-Düvelmeyer)
Praktikum Elektronische Bauelemente und Schaltungen (EBS):
experiment EBS-1 preparation  experiment EBS-1 protocol
experiment EBS-2 preparation  experiment EBS-2 protocol
experiment EBS-5 preparation  experiment EBS-5 protocol
experiment EBS-6 preparation  experiment EBS-6 protocol
experiment EBS-9 preparation  experiment EBS-9 protocol
experiment EBS-ST3 preparation  experiment EBS-ST3 protocol

Script "Mathematik für Informatiker III" (Prof. D. Potts)
practical work on hardware (Hardware-Praktikum):
experiment KOMB1
experiment KOMB2
experiment KOMB3
experiment SEQU1
experiment SEQU2
experiment SEQU3
electronical metrology (Elektronische Messtechnik):
experiment RLC
experiment OSZI
experiment DMS1
experiment ZFM

Script "Mathematik für Informatiker II" (Prof. D. Potts)
Script "Elektrodynamik" (Dr. Fromm)
pro-seminar "Linux Internals"
beamer presentation "processes and process-management in the Linux kernel"
team-oriented practical work in software-engineering (Software-Praktikum)
Teilbeleg 1
Teilbeleg 2
Teilbeleg 3

Script "Mathematik für Informatiker I" (Prof. D. Potts)
Old Script "Mathematik für Informatiker I" (Prof. D. Potts)