Dmytro Shklyarov

Technische Universität Chemnitz
Fakultät für Mathematik
09107 Chemnitz
E-mail: dmytro.shklyarov at

WS 2018/19:       Funktionentheorie
SS 2018:              Kommutative Algebra         Algebra
WS 2017/18:       Funktionentheorie                Optimization for Non-Mathematicians
SS 2017:              Darstellungstheorie


Research interests: non-commutative geometry, Hochschild/cyclic (co)homology, differential graded categories, matrix factorizations, (homological) mirror symmetry, topological quantum field theories, Hodge theory, representation theory and quantum groups.

My initial area of expertise was quantum group theory. In this area, my research focused on Leonid Vaksman's theory of Quantum Bounded Symmetric Domains. My current research is devoted to what might be called categorical (or derived) noncommutative geometry and its interplay with algebraic geometry, Hodge theory, singularity theory, mirror symmetry, and topological field theories. A brief overview of my activity in this area can be found here.


Almost all of my papers can be found in the arXiv (a few old preprints can also be found here).   Here is the full publication list:

My PhD thesis can be downloaded from this link. (Here are the slides that I used during my PhD defense and here is my advisor's homepage.)