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Theoretical Physics / Computational Physics
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Janett Prehl (Ph.D.)

Research assistant in the group of Computational Physics (Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz Hoffmann)

Chief of the Computerpraktikum


Technische Universität Chemnitz
Fakultät für Naturwissenschaften
D-09107 Chemnitz
Janett Prehl

Reichenhainer Straße 70
Neues Physikgebäude (NPhG), Raum P212
09126 Chemnitz
Telephone: (+49) 0371 - 531 35612
Fax: (+49) 0371 - 531 83561
Secretariat: Angelique Gaida:
(+49) 0371 - 531 33212
Consultation hours: by arrangement

Fields of research

  • Theoretical modeling of hierarchical structure formation of the twin polymerization process via utilizing reactive simulation approaches. The focus is on the investigation and characterization of thermodynamical and morphological properties and parameters of the twin polymerization process and its emerging nanoporous hybrid materials. ⇒ FOR 1497/0 TP4 & FOR 1497/1 TP 8
  • Theoretical description of anomalous diffusion processes utilizing fractional diffusion equations, bridging the regime between the diffusion- and the wave equation. The main interest is the analysis of this regime by using thermodynamical quantities like the entropy production and its corresponding unexpected or even paradoxical behavior.
  • Investigation of anomalous (sub-) diffusion processes in porous materials by stochastic modeling approaches. The porous media is represented using fractal structures, like Sierpinski carpets, whereas the resulting diffusion processes is simulated by random walk methods or the master equation approach.

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