Protogenes - Miranda IM projects - dbx_tree

dbx_tree is a new kind of databasedriver for Miranda IM. It has a different structure compared to existing databases and can provide many new features.
Interested programmers will find the sourcecode in SVN.
Current version
not available
Beta version -- x64 - 23.11.2010
  • small fixes
(full log)
  • Split Database - Data is split into two files. Global settings and private data (like contacts, login-data and history) are seperated.
  • Encryption - The database can be encrypted with selectable algorithm on three different levels.
  • Metacontact Support - provides basic functionality for contactmanagement.
  • Virtual Contacts - duplicate a contact and move it to different groups.
  • Memorymanagment - Tha database is capable of managing its free space. DBTool isn't needed for minimizing file size.
  • Virtual Database - Run Miranda IM from a read-only directory or drive without missing any functionality. You can also suppress unwanted changes this way.
  • Virtual Events - dbx_tree may save events into file only at your command.
To Do
  • activate features
  • create configuration interface
  • Autobackup - automatically create backups of the whole database
The main goal of this project was to integrate metacontacts basics and to make them realizable. As time flowed the concepts evolved and new functions were included.
The development has advanced and all important functions are implemented and functional.